Computers and photography are for me conductive instruments which contribute to an ulterior purpose. I use them as a documental base for a pre-established initial purpose which later transforms to sometimes hatch in the image itself. I immortalize emotions and feelings in time in a frame of light freezing moments and transferring a partial reality in order to capture some of the angst, nostalgia, and desire, traits of the human being.

I use a technique that lacks a defined linear edge that split the numerous disciplines that integrates it. Photography, as well as illustration and 3D drawings are just a part of the group of influences and techniques clearly expressed in my work. It takes a little bit of each one; (the sharpness and composition of photography, the high contrasts and the iconography quality of graphic design, the fantasy in body painting, the lighting associated to theater and the perspective usually found in architecture presentations). All this conjugates in one unique recipe where a hybrid art arises, which derives from all techniques and none at the same time, for none could claim with enough authority and its absolute paternity.

Virtually warm and arid settings with perspectives that get lost in an infinite horizon, where iconography and a nude human figure, primitive at some moments, constitutes the plastic language essence. That's how I assist myself with motive and models so different from each other and circumstances according to the occasion.

The human virtual figures compose for me the surreal scene that carries the viewer to a parallel world conceived in the image itself.

Igor Kourany